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Welcome to the Wrath of Kythrian Wiki, a unique Minecraft experience.

Wrath of Kythrian takes place in the world of Thloswyr. A hostile world for humankind where the dead have risen against them to fight in an epic struggle between the Gods.

As a new player, you start life in the grounds of the Temple of Anaina, who watches over humankind, and weeds out any hint of the corruption of Kythrian amongst her faithful.

Can you make your way in the world of Thloswyr or be driven back by the hordes of undead? Will you remain one of Anaina's faithful, or be tempted into joining Kythrian's vile legion?

How to Play

If you already have a Minecraft account, you can play straight away by opening Minecraft and adding a new server.

The address is "", no IP address or port number needed.

You can then join the game.

To register for the website, you should use the Subscribe Register Command in the in-game terminal which is opened by pressing 't'.

If you do not have a Minecraft account yet, you can buy one from the creators, Mojang at


All additional game features have been hand-coded specifically for use on this server in order to give players a unique and high quality experience.

For a full list of new in-game commands, see Command Reference.

Development of features are on-going, and if you find any bugs please make a detailed bug report to a member of staff. You should attempt to include whether the bug can be duplicated, the precise sequence of events that caused it, the exact time it occurred and any other details that may be relevant.

If you have any suggestions for new or improved features, please post a comment below. All suggestions are welcome, however not all can be included and the creative control of Wrath of Kythrian remains completely with the staff. Our decisions are final.

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Server Rules

See the detailed Rules here. The following is an abridged summary:

Any infraction can result in warnings, loss of privileges, in-game credit fines, kicks and temporary or permanent bans at the discretion of staff members. This is all pretty obvious stuff, be civil and so will we. If you have any questions about what is or is not allowed, or need to report abuse of the rules, contact a member of staff.


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